Ok, so Sparklebutt is a horrible artist. Tell me something I didn’t know. Here’s ten pages (more or less) of sketchery from my vardo project. Still isn’t completed- I’m not likely to be able to begin construction until after my truck’s paid for.

The original plan was something like an Airstream, but made out of wood and all rustic. Three dimensional geometry makes my brain hurt in ways it hasn’t since high school, so the second version was something much simpler based on “dutch barn” houses. That, and I couldn’t figure out how to get a traditional curved roof without an even worse headache.

I managed to get what looks like usable geometry only after beating trigonometry like something that gets beaten a lot. Page 7 was when I finally realized that a board is really a pair of parallel lines (well, segments, but you get the idea) and a cut is an intersecting line.

So here we are. Hope someone finds this useful.

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